In addition to leading its own research programs, latitude77 for researchers provides the scientific community with 20+ years of experience in life sciences and humanities, ranging from specific and in-depth expertise to combining elements at the crossroads of both fields

for companies and academia

Looking to improve your research process?

We design purpose-driven advanced algorithms tailored to your needs: artificial intelligence, natural language processing, etc. With our partners, we are able to run them at scale, on up to millions of CPU cores.

In need of making your research actionable?

We craft UI/UX optimized for cognitive load in order to deliver complex, yet actionable knowledge for you to empower a broad audience with your processes or discoveries.


Aurélien Grosdidier, PharmD-PhD, founder and President of Latitude77, has 15+ years of research experience in academia and scientific software development at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB). In addition, he was promoted honorary chairman of organizational anthropology of the aaa foundation, Switzerland, in 2018.

The Research-as-a-Service activity of Latitude77 SAS therefore encompasses two fields: bioinformatics and organizational anthropology. Supported by a worldwide network of actors and experts we can help you with:

Scientific software engineering according to both development and scientific best practices, including teaching of best practices (certified sc/data carpentry instructor)

UI/UX, unique experience in organizational anthropology, applied to your specific business and goals

Wherever you are, we can work together, worldwide.

We can look back on 10+ years experience working fully remote within distributed, international and multicultural teams.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual benefit, and for each client to eventually become a partner.

They include:

Abtech therapeutics

(for confidentiality reasons, some organizations cannot be mentioned here)

Career opportunities

latitude77 for researchers is growing and regularly looking for highly-skilled professionals, preferably PhDs. Get in touch!

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