Your copilot: latitude77

latitude: noun. 1 Your current position 2 Your freedom of action

As a research and innovation lab, latitude77 provides individual and collective catalysis with the aim of achieving lasting agility.

In an ever more complex world that is evolving by the day, business models and processes are changing rapidly. We can help you discover and adopt new approaches tailored to your specific situation, thus allowing you to sustainably and continually  reconfigure, enhance and adapt your organisation, your talents and your expertise.

latitude77 provides services tailored to your needs, offering you hands-on, feasible solutions to your complex questions, perfectly adapted to your context, your culture, your environment, your potential and your means.

Some of our services qualify for a tax reduction for research intiatives in France. Contact us to find out more.

Catalysing your possibilities

Latitude77 for researchers

In addition to leading its own research programs, latitude77 for researchers provides the scientific community with 20+ years of experience in life sciences, computer science and humanities, ranging from specific and in-depth expertise to combining elements at the crossroads of these fields

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Strategic intelligence

In an ever-changing world, it is essential to identify references, opportunities and risks through active information collection and surveillance. With our expertise and complementary viewpoint, we help you extend your knowledge.

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Research coaching

Our research put into practice to produce human, hands-on and directly applicable results for your business.

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Individual coaching

A coaching approach based on research practices, tailored to your needs and according to your latitude.

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Our vision





achieving a dynamic balance

During our professional life, we have observed a race towards hyperspecialisation which comes at a certain price: on the one hand, it is contrary to a holistic view, on the other, it requires efforts from each individual that often result in a lack of orientation and satisfactory work-life-balance. The combination of these two factors can lead to unfortunate strategic decisions and difficulties within an organisation. Our goal is to counter these adverse effects. We perceive, analyse and act to offer new perspectives and to contextualise, enhanced by cognitive and ethical empowerment to enable you to actively engage with the present that lies before you.

Our action is designed to be preventive if you are looking to achieve high performance without wearing yourself out. It can provide remediation if you have already gotten close to burn-out and/or a change of career. Our approach is based on four pillars – strategic intelligence, research coaching, individual coaching and concrete action – and designed to help you develop your own individual strategy:

  • Your knowledge of your specific field and situation, your exclusive information sources, a common and in-depth perspective
  • Your experience, our active listening and our analysis, the intelligence of sharing
  • Your needs, our competence, an efficient partnership
  • Your goals, a copilot, a clear, hands-on strategy


…et partout où vous êtes…